Why We Love: Faithfull The Brand

Why We Love: Faithfull The Brand
Faithfull The Brand: Clothes That'll Make You Want to Live Your Best Life!

If you're looking for a brand that's all about living your best life, then look no further than Faithfull The Brand! This Australian-based clothing company is all about creating clothes that are perfect for exploring new places, making memories, and having a great time. So if you're ready to embrace your inner adventurer, read on to find out more about this fabulous brand!

The Brand's Origins

Faithfull The Brand was founded in 2012 by Sarah-Jane Abrahams and Helle Them-Enger. The two friends, who share a love of travel and fashion, decided to create a brand that combined their passions. They wanted to create clothes that were not only stylish and comfortable but also practical and easy to wear while on the go.

The brand's name was inspired by a quote from the famous writer Ernest Hemingway: "The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places." This sentiment perfectly encapsulates the brand's ethos of creating clothes that help people feel strong and empowered, even in the face of adversity.

The Clothes

Faithfull The Brand's clothes are inspired by the founders' travels around the world, as well as their love of vintage styles. The brand is known for its bright, bold prints, which are often inspired by nature or traditional textiles from around the world.

The brand's clothes are perfect for the modern woman who wants to feel confident and comfortable while exploring new places. From flowy maxi dresses to breezy jumpsuits, Faithfull The Brand's clothes are perfect for any adventure, whether you're hiking in the mountains or lounging on the beach.

The brand also places a strong emphasis on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and practices whenever possible. So not only will you look great in these clothes, but you'll feel good about your impact on the planet, too!

The Faithfull Woman

Faithfull The Brand's clothes are designed for the modern, adventurous woman who isn't afraid to take risks and live life to the fullest. This woman is confident, independent, and always on the lookout for her next adventure.

She's the kind of woman who takes spontaneous trips to exotic destinations, but also knows how to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Whether she's exploring a new city or simply enjoying a picnic in the park with friends, she always looks effortlessly stylish and chic.

Final Thoughts

Faithfull The Brand is more than just a clothing brand – it's a lifestyle. If you're looking for clothes that inspire you to live your best life, then this is the brand for you. With its bold prints, comfortable fabrics, and sustainable practices, Faithfull The Brand is the perfect choice for any modern, adventurous woman. So go ahead and embrace your inner explorer – with Faithfull The Brand, the possibilities are endless!