Why We Love: For Days

Why We Love: For Days

Why We Love is back after over a year, and we are so excited to continue sharing why the brands we work with are so special! Today we're introducing For Days, a brand that creates 100% recyclable fashion in a zero-waste system available to everyone.


The founder of For Days, Kristy Caylor, worked within the fashion industry for years before starting the company. She witnessed the waste produced by the fashion industry and lack of intentional sustainable practices, so she decided to do something about it.

For Days was founded on 3 main values:

Carefree, not careless - The founders of For Days believe fashion should be fun, expressive, guilt-free AND waste-free.

Connected, not isolated - We are all deeply connected through the communities we build, the products we make, and the systems we design.

Accountable, not irresponsible - The brand takes full responsibility for its products and promises. The For Days team strives to constantly improve for the greater good of all.

Circular Fashion:

“Together with our community, we will eliminate clothing waste in order to benefit people and the planet.”
100% of the brand’s products are recyclable. For Days plans and designs for the end of a product’s life at the beginning to make sure what is returned can go into future products.

You Can Get Involved!

85% of all textiles end up in landfills including resale, recycling, and donations efforts. For Days strives to fix fashion’s waste problem.

You can order a Take Back Bag to send back old stuff from any brand. You’ll get instant Closet Cash for future closed-loop purchases.
For Days works with recycling partners to repurpose each item and divert them from landfills. If For Days can’t recycle your old clothing into new clothing, their recycling partners will use it to create new yarn for clothes, insulation, rugs, cleaning materials, and so much more!