Why We Love: HANRO

Why We Love: HANRO

Why We Love is back, and today we're introducing HANRO, a brand committed to making intimates so beautiful you'll want to show them off. 


Laced in Tradition:

Focused on expanding the reach of luxury loungewear, Hanro has been revolutionizing the global lingerie and loungewear market for over 130 years. Founded in 1884 by Swiss designers Albert Handschin and Carl Ronusin, HANRO was built from the ground up in the small town of Liestal, Switzerland. Their mission to create understated luxury has held strong ever since. 


Accessible Luxury:

Although they’ve since expanded into menswear, HANRO started out with the goal to make comfortable, elegant lingerie accessible for women worldwide. Over the years, the brand has engineered the perfect minimalist styles in both loungewear and lingerie by combining the classic lines they’re so well known for with a profoundly modern edge, creating wearable luxury for real women. 


Built to last: 

HANRO is revered worldwide for its attention to detail, with a specific emphasis on quality. They believe in using the best materials; that's why they hunt down the softest cotton, strongest thread and most durable nylon. Every piece of clothing from HANRO is crafted with fit and comfort in mind- that way you can lounge all day.