Why We Love: HVISK

Why We Love: HVISK

HVISK is your one-stop shop for that bag that no one else has. This is Why We Love, and today we're introducing a brand that believes unique and trendy bags can be made with sustainable practices and modern materials. 

A little about HVISK: 

HVISK is a Danish fashion brand founded in Copenhagen. The brand is inspired by the vibrant streets of Copenhagen with an ambition of designing bags creating the feeling of a playful, colorful or detail-oriented look that will give the individual a more personal style.

The brand name, HVISK, is originally derived from the term word-of-mouth, and the fact that a message and information travel from person to person by digital communication and social media.

Commitment to Sustainability: 

“The future of fashion relies on people and hereby us. We strive to be sustainable, knowing it’s a great challenge.”

HVISK acknowledges that no brand can be 100% sustainable, but making small steps can build up to an impactful change. The brand is committed to becoming leaders in the industry to show other brands that it’s possible to make vegan and responsible bags without compromising on quality. 


HVISK is a Peta Certified vegan brand and thereby refrains from using leather in any of its products. The brand challenges itself to use sustainable materials without compromising the design or quality of the bags. 

HVISK also complies with the Global Recycling Standard. This is a voluntary standard that verifies the presence and amount of recycled materials in the products. 

Production and Environmental Efforts: 

HVISK and its manufacturers are committed to following the code of conduct for ethical working environments and the usage of chemicals in production.

The brand is consistently striving to improve its social responsibility both internally and externally.