Why We Love: Onzie

Why We Love: Onzie
The goal of the Onzie brand is to inspire playfulness, confidence, and self-expression into every move you make. Onzie believes in the power of MOVEMENT: the movement of thought, the movement of our bodies, and the movement of our souls. This is Why We Love, and today we're introducing a brand that is brand new to The Sampler!

Female Empowerment:

Onzie is an independent, female-owned and operated business. Kimberly Swarth, Onzie’s fearless founder and CEO, is a devoted yogi with a Masters in Movement Therapy. She’s the driving creative force behind the brand and collaborative company culture. The whole Onzie team strives to embody the power of the female spirit, every day by supporting and challenging one another, putting passion into the product, and infusing creativity and movement into everything.


The Onzie team prides itself on offering accessible, high-quality yoga wear that’s comfortable in saltwater, chlorine, and heavy sweat environments. The affordably-priced pieces are designed with Free-Flow Fabric Technology, making them functional, breathable, and fashionable.

Production and Quality Standards:

Onzie was born in Venice Beach, CA, the epicenter of creativity and active living. The Onzie team wears the product in and out of the office, constantly testing the quality and performance of every garment. By the time you get your Onzie goods, they’ve already met the highest standards. Plus, Onzie keeps its production local, with 99% of sewing, cutting, and dyeing happening in LA.