Why We Love: Paradised

Why We Love: Paradised

We all need a little taste of Paradise sometimes. This is Why We Love, and today we're introducing a brand that believes in bringing you sunshine all year round. Welcome to Paradised. 

Beachwear Meets Streetwear:

Think the breezy ease of a beach town mixed with New York’s signature downtown edge. Launched in 2017 by designer Sinje Leseman and stylist Daniela Jung, this NYC based brand combines these two opposite aesthetics in a way that not only works, but manages to epitomize the elusive cool-girl style we all strive for. Whether you spend your summers tanning on rooftops, jetting out to the Hamptons or anywhere in between, Paradised brings out the chic beach bum in all of us.

Playing for Sport:

Crafted with fit and material in mind, Paradised creates athleisure and loungewear pieces made to move in. Loose in all the right places, the brand nails just the right amount of slouch for an effortlessly windblown look. From jumpsuits to sweats, Paradised uses 100% cotton, rayon and other ultra-soft materials to stand tall against even the most sweltering summer days. 

Your Favorite Graphic Tee, but Better:

When it comes to the graphics game, Paradised is light years ahead of other brands They focus on generating pieces that are almost collage-esque, layering beachy palm trees against a vintage TV set or parrots hovering above hallucinatory black lines. From the collaged graphic art to the catchy slogans posted underneath, Pradised was inspired by California’s skate and surf scene, creating effortlessly cool pieces that screamed youth, freedom and a damn good summer adventure. 

Black and White? Never heard of her:

If you’re looking to go grayscale, you might want to look elsewhere. Paradised pairs their impressive graphics with an even bolder color scheme, creating a collection filled to the brim with feel-good pieces.