Why We Love: Ragdoll LA

Why We Love: Ragdoll LA

Welcome to the Why We Love series, where we highlight some of our favorite brands for all the good they do- on and off the rack. Today we’re starting off with one of our first and favorite partnerships, Ragdoll LA.

Female Founded:

Founded by globetrotting designer Lisa Larson, Ragdoll LA was created by women, for women. Focused on combining the effortless femininity of classic European designers with an edge of American rock n’ roll, Ragdoll LA nails the coveted cool girl style we all strive for.

Made To Be Worn:

Ragdoll LA prioritizes the idea of lived-in fashion. They want you to love what you wear and wear what you love- which is why their products are crafted with quality and comfort in mind. They prioritize craftsmanship, creating those smooth lines and classic silhouettes that turn an outfit from good, to great.

Ready for Anything:

We believe the best days are the ones you don’t see coming, and Ragdoll LA agrees. That’s why they make clothes ready to wear anywhere, anytime- so don’t worry if that afternoon walk turns into dinner and drinks; we’ve got you covered.

Always in:

Ragdoll’s focus on timeless pieces will assure that you’re always in style, no matter what the current trends are. Filled with monochrome sets and eye-catching prints, the latest collection manages to combine new trends and timeless staples.