Why We Love: Tach

Why We Love: Tach
Tach clothing is both simple and complex, with a strong timeless appeal. The brand takes inspiration from the delicacy of vintage clothing and looks to make it fresh again. Every piece is carefully thought out and locally made in Uruguay, in a fair trade environment. This is Why We Love, and today we're introducing a fan favorite and a brand that’s new to The Sampler, Tach!

Brand Roots:

Tach Clothing has Armenian roots and stems from a family of creators and entrepreneurs. The sisters who founded the brand come from a fashion family as their father was a successful designer who specialized in children’s clothing. Given this, the women were exposed to clothing, materials, and designs from a young age.


Tach Clothing’s mission to support sustainability is essential to them. They are conscious of the ongoing crisis smaller textile businesses face. This is especially true in countries like Uruguay, due to the unfortunate and unsustainable domination of the fast fashion market. The brand commits to its mission by reclaiming classic trades in Uruguay, including wool and embroidery. All designs are locally produced and offer crucial support to the national industry.


The bold and bright colors used throughout Tach’s collections represent their light and joyous childhood. The collections are dreamy, homely, and happy, much like their memories. Family-endorsed, sustainably driven, and uniquely designed, Tach Clothing is truly one-of-a-kind.