Our Brands


True to their name, this LA based clothing brand is passionate about fashion that gives back. Founded in 2014 by real estate mogul and longtime supporter of pediatric cancer research, Yvonne Niami, n:Philanthropy believes in “giving a damn”, and donates 10% of net proceeds to various organizations within the community including Children’s Hospital LA and SPCALA. Although they primarily focus on loungewear and casual fashion, n:Philanthropy has recently come out with more formal pieces, outerwear and even a dog apparel collection. Although the quality and design is reason enough to check out their latest collection, n:Philanthropy allows us to shop kinder and ensures your purchase is making a difference.


Les Girls Les Boys:

Created in 2017 by Serena Rees, fashion powerhouse and founder of lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, Les Girls Les Boys is a London based brand focused on creating clothes that act as a catalyst for self-discovery. Formally known as an underwear, intimates and streetwear brand, Les Girls Les Boys believes in creating quality clothing for a new generation of lovers, explorers and risk takers. Through their willingness to break traditional rules on gender and beauty standards, Les Girls Les Boys is pioneering a new wave of acceptance and fluidity within the fashion industry.

Morgan Lane:

The essence of wearable luxury, NYC based lingerie and sleepwear brand Morgan Lane strives to strike a balance between traditional elegance and modern youthfulness. Founded in 2014 by Morgan Curtis, daughter of renowned designer Jill Stuart, Morgan Lane’s individually designed pieces focus on versatility, quality and attention to detail, without sacrificing wearability. The brand believes in adding a modern twist to the classic elegance and sophistication that luxury intimates provide.

French Connection:

Founded in 1972 by Stephen Marks, French Connection has evolved from a UK based clothing brand to a global player spanning both the fashion and home decor industries. Known for their punchy advertising, most notably their ‘97 “fcuk fashion” campaign, and ability to mix both trendy and classic, French Connection has been revered throughout recent decades as the brand unafraid to break rules. By placing an emphasis on accessibility and quality, French Connection continues to satisfy a long-standing public need for streamlined fashion at an affordable price point. 


A classic swiss brand founded in 1884, HANRO is considered to be the crème de la crème of luxury lingerie. In the last 136 years, HANRO has successfully expanded into the global market and reinvented themselves tenfold, all while continuing to provide the same quality and attention to detail they did back in 1884. Currently, HANRO has pledged to aid in the environmental conservation effort by focusing on sustainability in their clothing. Classic, beautiful and now sustainable, HANRO checks every box. 

Notes du Nord:

Notes du Nord is a contemporary Danish clothing brand focused on quality and impeccable fit, specializing in clean lines and modernizing classic styles. With stores in sixteen different countries, they are revered globally for their effortless mix of minimalist and bold styles. Founded in 2015, Notes du Nord has quickly gained global recognition throughout the fashion industry for the versatility within their collections and throughout the brand as a whole. 


Le Superbe:

In true California style, LA clothing brand Le Superbe’s designs mimic the sense of freedom and youthfulness ingrained in the state’s sand, streets and cities. From Hollywood glamour to San Diego surf culture, Le Superbe pulls elements from each Southern California institution. Inspired by the childhood of creative director Jeannine Braden, Le Superbe focuses on creating pieces that effortlessly combine the hustle and bustle of Melrose with the simplicity of Santa Cruz, topped off with a little bit of Venice Beach skate culture. They embody a certain edgy glamour that can only be found where it’s acceptable to arrive at a red carpet on a skateboard, or hit the beach in your dress post-gala. 

Ragdoll LA:

Founded in 2013 by Swedish designer and globe-trotting fashion buyer Lisa Larson, Ragdoll LA was created to fill the fashion industry’s need for vintage inspired clothing. The brand found its niche by combining the traditionally clean, feminine lines often used by European designers with elements from American rock and roll and California’s surf culture. When combined, these three very different influences work seamlessly together to add an unexpected and edgy twist to classic silhouettes. Ragdoll LA doesn’t just celebrate thinking outside the box, it tells us not to be afraid to to erase the box completely: advice we should all take every once in a while. 

State Cashmere:

Although State Cashmere was officially started in 2017, founder Hao Rong’s family has been in the cashmere industry for generations. Hailing from Inner Mongolia, the world’s cashmere capital, Mr. Rong came from a family of cashmere shepherds. With inspiration from his childhood on a cashmere farm, and a desire to create better working conditions for his community, State Cashmere was born. The brand is revolutionizing the cashmere industry by bridging the gap between consumers and farmers. By cutting out middlemen, State Cashmere brings customers quality, 100% cashmere products for less, all while ensuring Mongolian shepherds and herders get the support they need. With a belief in sustainability and a refreshing care for humanity, State Cashmere is the pinnacle of ethical fashion.