blendSMART Holiday Glow Rotating Makeup Brush Set
blendSMART Holiday Glow Rotating Makeup Brush Set
blendSMART Holiday Glow Rotating Makeup Brush Set

blendSMART Holiday Glow Rotating Makeup Brush Set

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Get excited for a flawless complexion effortlessly achieved with the blendSMART2, electric rotating brush. Our patented 360-spin mimics the technique of makeup pros to deliver fast, everyday airbrush results from home. Plus, the NEW Skincare applicator brush improves skincare product absorption while stimulating the skin for improved circulation and glow. It’s the perfect gift for beauty mavens and minimalists!


"It’s a brush with greatness that delivers a light and even touch." Oprah’s Favorite Thing 2019

"But once I let it take over, it resulted in a nearly flawless finish." Wall Street Journal



Airbrushed results have never been so fast and effortless compared to fingers, sponges, and manual brushes.

Premium antimicrobial brush fibers blend and sweep LESS product while stimulating and activating your skin for healthy and natural coverage.

MINIMIZE pores and PREVENT clumping and harsh lines.

Recommended for acne-prone skin by avoiding pore-clogging inflammation.

Save money on product waste with rotating technology.

Mix and Match Feature compatible with all blendSMART2 brush heads and handles.


Cream White Holiday Glow - 4-Piece Set includes:


1)   blendSMART2 motorized handle + Antimicrobial foundation brush for all liquid and crème foundation – great for concealing, too.

2)    Antimicrobial powder brush for pressed, loose, and mineral powders. 

3)    NEW Antimicrobial skincare applicator brush for facial masks, moisturizers, serums, and sunscreens.

4)    Eva Hard Case Travel Bag. High quality, 2-color. Stores up to 3 brushes plus handle. Portable and lightweight design, with waterproof, shockproof, and spill-proof interiors. 

5)    Long lasting lithium battery w/ cord-free design.

6)    User guide + 30-Day satisfaction guarantee + 365-Day warranty